Understand the 7 Ps of Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare marketing is different from other industries. It has specific nuances and sensitivities that require a customized marketing approach. The 7 Ps of healthcare marketing – Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process, and Physical Evidence – provide a useful framework for developing an effective marketing strategy for healthcare organizations. Let’s look at how each P applies to healthcare marketing.

The Right Product: Meet Patient Needs

In healthcare, the product refers to the services and treatments offered to patients. The key is identifying patient needs and developing services and solutions to fulfill those needs. Healthcare organizations must constantly evaluate changing patient needs and advancements in medical technology to update their services. They also need to determine which services they want to focus on to build their reputation.

Determining the Optimum Price

For healthcare services, price refers to the rates charged for consultations, treatments, medical tests, surgery, etc. When developing a pricing strategy, healthcare marketers need to determine prices that maximize revenue while keeping services affordable for a wide range of patients. They also need to consider competitors’ pricing to remain competitive. Healthcare organizations benefit from offering tiered pricing for different patient segments.

Making Services Easily Accessible

Place refers to how and where patients access healthcare services. Healthcare marketers must determine the right locations and settings to provide services to their target patients. They also need to make services as easily accessible as possible with minimum waiting times. Some options to consider include hospital facilities, clinics, mobile clinics, home healthcare services, etc. Partnering with insurance providers also helps in making services more accessible to patients.

Effectively Promoting Services

Promotion involves communicating information about healthcare services to raise awareness and generate leads. Given the sensitive nature of healthcare, promotions must be carefully and ethically crafted. Useful tactics include SEO-optimized content, social media, email marketing, physician referrals, television and radio ads, community outreach programs, etc. The key is to provide relevant and helpful information to patients instead of overly sales messages. Partnering with a medical marketing agency can help develop the right promotion strategy and content.

Valuing the People: Employees and Patients

In healthcare, people refer to both employees and patients. Healthcare organizations must value and invest in their employees through reasonable compensation, work conditions, growth opportunities, and fostering a positive organizational culture. Valuing patients entails providing a high-quality patient experience through good service, communication, and support. Patient satisfaction ultimately determines the success and reputation of any healthcare organization.

Reviewing and Improving Healthcare Processes

Process refers to the systems and practices used to provide healthcare services. Healthcare marketers need to evaluate existing processes to maximize operational efficiency, minimize errors and improve patient flow. Useful techniques include workflow optimization, adoption of healthcare technology and information systems, minimization of bureaucratic hurdles, and implementation of standard protocols. Smooth and well-designed processes have a direct impact on patient satisfaction.

Ensuring High-Quality Physical Evidence

Physical evidence refers to the overall healthcare environment, facilities, and materials quality. Patients draw opinions about healthcare organizations on the ambiance and level of cleanliness they observe. High-quality physical evidence can be achieved through well-designed healthcare facilities, highly trained staff, advanced medical equipment and technology, and stringent hygiene and safety standards. A quality healthcare environment provides psychological benefits to patients.


Healthcare marketing demands a distinct understanding of its intricacies and sensitivities, necessitating a personalized approach. The 7 Ps framework – Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process, and Physical Evidence – serves as a valuable guide for crafting an impactful marketing strategy that resonates with healthcare organizations. By embracing these principles, healthcare marketers can navigate the industry’s challenges and opportunities, ultimately driving success and meeting the diverse needs of patients, providers, and stakeholders.